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Dr Naveen Nandihalli Chandrashekharaaradhya

Professor Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Science and Big ... View Profile

Dr Prabhudev Jagadeesh Mysore

Professor Machine Learning, Information Security... View Profile

Dr Manjunath B Talawar

Associate Professor computer networks... View Profile

Dr Nagasundara Kanenur Basavanna

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Pattern recognition, Image proce... View Profile

Dr Mallikarjuna Putaplar Basavanthappa

Associate Professor Image Processing,Machine Learning and Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Sharana Basavana Gowda

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Bioinformatics... View Profile

Dr Niranjan Chanabasappa Kundur

Associate Professor Image processing,Machine Learning,Deep Learning,Mi... View Profile

Dr Naidila Sadashiv

Associate Professor Cloud Computing... View Profile

Mrs Pooja Hanumantharayappa

Assistant Professor Data science... View Profile

Mr Vikhyath Kotagi Basavarajappa

Assistant Professor Computer Networks... View Profile

Mr Pradeep Hebbalaguppae Krishna Shetty

Assistant Professor I am a researcher / professional in the field of C... View Profile

Mrs Shweta Sankanna Kaddi

Assistant Professor Data science... View Profile

Mrs Snehalatha Nagaraj

Assistant Professor computer networks... View Profile

Mrs Bhavani Benakanahally Hiranyamurthy

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing, Embedded Systems and Microcproces... View Profile

Mrs Ranjitha S R

Assistant Professor Software Engineering... View Profile

Ms Shanthala Kumbar Veerabhadrappa

Assistant Professor Computer networks... View Profile

Mr Sreenatha Mallappa

Assistant Professor Machine Learning and Python Application Programmin... View Profile

Mrs Vinutha Honnal Devendrappa

Assistant Professor computer networks... View Profile

Ms Rashmi B N

Assistant Professor computer Engg.... View Profile

Mrs Rajeshwari Kummur Siddappa

Assistant Professor Computer Networking, Programming Languages, Algori... View Profile

Mrs Supriya B N

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Python, Softw... View Profile

Dr Pavithra G S

Assistant Professor Research area is Wireless Sensor Networks. Area o... View Profile

Mrs SJ Namitha

Assistant Professor Computer science... View Profile

Mrs Impana KP

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Mr Abhilash CB

Assistant Professor Sehamatic web and NLP... View Profile